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Another day at the office

     South Carolina artist Clay Johnson is a classic landscape painter working primarily in oil. Growing up in the Chicago area, Johnson received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, and then moved east to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. After living and working in Philadelphia for many years, he moved south, and now lives in Conway, near Myrtle Beach, where he continues to paint landscapes throughout the region. His work is widely represented in both private and corporate collections, and a limited number of paintings are available each year for purchase. One may email the artist directly to check on prices, availability, works in progress, or any other issue.

     I would like to thank all the chemists who make these great paints possible. Forty thousand years ago artists smeared colored mud on cave walls. We still use their ochers and umbers, and almost as well. It took modern science to develop the more brilliant colors, unobtainable throughout all of history until quite recently. We now take them entirely for granted, and are jaded with our abundance.

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